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HKG Multi-Stage Pressure Reduction Low-Noise Control Valve
HKG Multi-Stage Pressure Reduction Low-Noise Control Valve

Single seated Control Valve has a top-guided valve plug, a compact valve body and an S-shape flow passage that features low pressure loss, allows a large flow capacity, rangeability and high accuracy flow characteristics, complies with the IEC534-2-1976 standards. The leakage complies with the ANSI B16.104 standards. The actuator integrated with simplest mechanisms utilizes a compact yet powerful diaphragm actuator loaded with multiple springs or a cylinder.



Straight-through, single seated, cast globe valve

Normal size


Pressure rating

ANSI Class 300~600;

PN 4.0~6.4 MPa

Rated CV value


End connections


Welded end SW4050mm);BW65350mm

Body & Bonnet Material

SCPH2/WCB,SCPH21/WC6,SCS13A/CF8,SCS14A/CF8M,SCS16A/CF3M,Ti and other alloy steels .etc.

Trim Material

SUS304,SUS304+Stellite,SUS316,SUS316+Stellite,SUS304L,SUS316L, SUS410,SUS6301Cr12WMoVInconel 750,Hastelloy C Monel .etc.

Fluid Temperature




Flow characteristics


Seat Leakage

Metal seat

Rated Cv0.01%  ANSI Class IV

Soft seat

Bubble-tight ANSI Class VI


HA Pneumatic Diaphragm type

VA/VP  Cylinder piston type

EIL  Electronic type

M8  Intelligent type

Multi-stage pressure reduction low-noise Control Valve is widely applicable for reliable control with high temperature and high pressure drop.

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