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Black water valve
 Black water valve

Black Water Valve

HVH Black water valve has a top-guided valve plug, and a flow passage with the beveled global cavity structure. The design of valve seat follows Venturi Acceleration Principle. The plug and seat are spray welded or integral sintered carbides to prevent erosion and wearing. This product features blocking prohibition, anti-erosion, and allows a large flow capacity, wide rangeability. It is applicable to control multiphase fluid containing hard particles, such as coal slurry .etc.

The actuator integrated with simplest mechanisms utilizes a compact yet powerful diaphragm actuator loaded with multiple springs or a cylinder。

This product complies with the GB/T4213-92 standards。


Angle, single seated, cast globe valve

Normal size


Pressure rating

ANSI Class 150~900;

Rated CV value


End connections


Body & Bonnet Material

SCPH2/WCB,SCPH21/WC6,SCS13A/CF8,SCS14A/CF8M,SCS16A/CF3M,Ti and other alloy steels .etc.

Trim Material

SUS304/SUS316/SUS316L+spray welding Ni60A/WC/Dr6325, SUS304/SUS316/SUS316L+whole sintering WC

Fluid Temperature




Flow characteristics


Seat Leakage

Metal seat

Rated Cv0.01%  ANSI Class IV


HA Pneumatic Diaphragm type

VA/VP  Cylinder piston type

It is applicable to control multiphase fluid containing hard particles, such as coal slurry .etc.

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