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Electric contact alloy
Electric contact alloy

As the contact element in the electric switch, the performance of the electric contact materials bears on the service performance of the electric switch directly。 The electric contact materials are characterized with advanced equipments of production line and technology, complete inspection means, sound technical strength, strict management, product quality being excellent and steady; many of the products enjoy good market in military industrial enterprises。 The members of the electric contact production line were once received the honor of national excellent QC activity subgroup。 The annual output of the electric contact materials has reached to over 10 ton。This company produces all kinds of silver-based and copper-based electric contacts with low, medium and heavy current grades in high, medium and low voltage apparatus by adopting powder metallurgic method (including the internal oxidation technology)。 We have many-year experience of developing new products; can develop contact materials for the new and exclusive electric apparatus。

Low voltage contact components

    Application: used as contacts of switch, protector, relay,

circuit breaker, controller etc. components. Especially for

17AM and 4TM protectors’ contacts.

Precious metal materials and products

     The dispersion strengthened platinum crucible developed by this

company was awarded the honor of the national third prize for advance

of the science and technology。 The full set of the platinum wares for

special glass kilns was awarded the new excellent prize authorized by

the production office of State Council 1992. 

Silver-based braze welding materials

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